Dealing with Jealousy while swinging

 Jealousy is an emotion which is felt by the humans when they think that they are not as good as some others. It is the worst emotion as it is always suppressed within your mind and paves a way of destruction for you and the adversary both. Also jealousy can be very, very damaging for any relationship. It prevents you from relieving your stress and also checking you emotional growth. Although the basic meaning is the same, it is not the same as envy. Envy is an emotion which forces you to feel that no one else should have a specific thing if you don’t have it. But jealousy is an emotion which will stall your emotional growth. If a person is jealous, the person already has what he desires, but fears he may lose it. The worst part of jealousy is the romantic jealousy. It is defined as a complex mixture of feelings, thoughts and actions which pressurize the self-esteem and also pressurize the quality and even the survival of the relationship. These pressures are the result of a potential or realistic attraction between a person’s partner and the rival.

 When a person is jealous it involves the following symptoms:

  • Distrust of everyone including the people closest to him.
  • Fear of losing someone who is very beloved to another person.
  • Loneliness and uncertainty.
  • Sadness over a loss and very low self – esteem.
  • Anger or suspicion about betrayal.
  • Fear of loss.

 Thus when you are feeling jealous, you are in a phase which makes you feel a combination of self hesitation, dependency, anger and hurt. You may also feel pangs of guilt and insecurity. The following are some tips which will ensure that jealousy is eradicated from your or your partner’s life:

 o   You must try to get an insight on yourself. When you feel pangs of jealousy, you must ask yourself questions like what was the exact situation, is it your imagination or has your partner done something to make you jealous. Also you must keep a tab over your fear. It is the prime reason for jealousy.

 o   You or your partner must make sure that you are not overtly dependant on each other. You must keep sharing responsibilities and also focus on the things you have and not on those things which you don’t.

 o   There are many ways which can help you fight jealousy and one of them is focusing more on the confidence and pleasant appearance. It can be so impressive like sometimes just changing your appearance or changing your style of clothing and the next thing you know it has rekindled the old romance and passion that you shared with your partner.

 o   You must also be honest with yourself and your partner. You can just sit with a  piece of paper and just jot down the things that make you jealous. You can also ask for your partner to do the same. You can then decide for yourself if the things are silly or not. Most of the times this method does work.

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