Swinger FAQ

 What is really swinging?

 Swinging is said to be an act where couples will get together and engage in intimate relationships with partners other than their own spouse. This can be between two couples or many couples and it can be group sessions or single sessions. Each one will have their own idea of swinging. The basic idea is the swapping of partners for sexual expressions.

 Who are the swingers?

 Swingers can be defines as a recreational intimacy between consenting adults. Swingers will mainly comprise of male and female couples who will meet other male and female couples for purpose like sex and emotional support. Swingers will perform this kind of act with mutual consent of all the people involved in it.

 When did swinging initially begin?

 Swinging initially started in the early part of 1950s. During this period swinging was practised only through personal ads in newspapers. Nowadays swinging has become a private practice into a whole lifestyle. More and more people around the world are practising it and are accepting this form of a lifestyle. Individuals who are interested in swinging can search on the net for clubs and organizations which are specially created for free sexual expression of couples. Swinging is said to be started from the US military who were on foreign tours most of the time. Due to this they had no choice other than to have sex with multiple partners other than their wives.

 What is the benefit of being a swinger?

 Swinging will help you to explore your sexuality in many new ways which are not easily acceptable in the traditional communities. People can explore new avenues and re-discover themselves. It is a great choice for all those curious people who want to explore their potential and have something extra outside their relationship. Swinging will help both men and women in rejecting monogamy. Individuals have the chance to learn about their sexual interest and get a break from their relationship. Swinging is said to enhance the relationship between a couple and strengthen it. Swinging is a method of social interaction and it will help you to make many friends.

 What is the swinging lifestyle all about?

It is said that the swinging lifestyle is completely free of the frustrations involved in relationships and lost love. Swinging lifestyle is very simple and it helps in offering great pleasure. Swinging lifestyle helps in eliminating the taboo of infidelity and couples will be completely open about their sex lives. There are no prescribed rules for a swinging lifestyle and the only criteria are for partners to accept each others relationships. Couples should have a little bit of history between each other in order to start a swinging lifestyle. People who are single need not enter into a swinging lifestyle as they don’t have any restrictions and can freely express their sexual interests. Swinging is created to offer a little freedom and space to all those committed couples who need a little extra spark in their lives.

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