Swinger's History

 Swinging initially began during the 1950s period and it was prominent in wealthy suburbs in America. In this period the only mode for meeting up with swingers was through newspapers of personal ads. Until the period of 1960 in the region of Berkeley, California the first ever organization was formed for the expression of sexual freedom. A league was formed for all the swingers. This lead to the formation of an umbrella organization which was known as the North American Swing club association. The NASCA was formed for encouraging precise information about the swinging lifestyle which was prevalent in the United States of America. In the present times, swinging is fast becoming a very acceptable lifestyle. Many people and couples are very keen to enter into such a lifestyle. One of the best ways to connect with other swingers is through the internet. Many couples are ready to explore new avenues and express their sexual desires. Swingers are no longer restricted to the clubs where they can meet other swingers. It has evolved and is openly talked about. Swinging was popularised by the Pilots of the US Air force and their spouse’s.

 Military connection

 The historical narration of the history of swinging is very debatable. It was unusual for the wives of servicemen to give company to their pilot husbands when they were on a foreign mission. The pilots stationed in the deserts of California and they participated in swinging. The history of swinging was undeniably influenced by the military communities of America. This trend started spreading to the nearby suburbs and it led to the phenomenon of wife swapping. All this led to the evolving of NASCA which offers precise information about Swinging in America. Many Swinging organizations are active across the country and a great number of its citizens have registered themselves in these organizations.

 The correctness of swinging

 Is it ok or not?-Swinging has also spread into other countries like Canada and many other European countries like England, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. More countries are practising this including Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.  The swinging clubs will host parties and events for all the members. Other programs include group discussions, travel information, and workshops for all its members. The whole idea of swinging is very controversial and is a very sensitive topic. The practice is opposed by most of the religious communities alike. The constant clash between religion and the right for freedom of expression is leaving the common man in a confused state of mind. Swinging mainly arose due to the lack of love and sharing between married couples who try to find it in other people. Swinging basically means swapping your partner with another couple for sexual and emotional satisfaction. Swinging has achieved a lifestyle status since its simple beginnings. This practice will occur between couples and this is done through the swinging conventions. Marriage has become less important and people are trying methods to spice the whole thing up. The debate about whether swinging is right or wrong will be left unanswered.  


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