Swinger's Rules and Principles

 The rues for swinging are not very strict and you can easily follow them to have a swinging lifestyle. Before you choose this form of lifestyle, there are certain things which you should know before you start swinging. One of the basic rules about swinging is that the swingers should be married couples. The whole context of swinging was started for the married couples. Swinging has seen certain modifications and married couples have changed into only couples. The people who go into swinging should know the emotional needs and requirement of your partner. This is very important and should be the base for the whole swinging. Couples should be comfortable and understanding for the needs of their partners. This will help you to have a successful relationship and follow swinging without any emotions or jealousy coming in between.  Couples who take up swinging should have a good communication bridge. This is necessary because you should be perfectly clear about why you and your partner are entering into this form of a lifestyle.

 The principle idea

 Both the partners should have confidence among themselves when they are approached by anyone. If you don’t have enough confidence then it may lead to jealousy and emotional problems. You should completely aware of your act and should be comfortable about the whole situation. If you are not ready for it then you should immediately retreat from this lifestyle.

 Complete willingness: Both the partners should be completely wiling to it because if one is ready and the other is not then you cannot practice swinging. When both partners are ready to swap their partners for others both should be ready for the act. If only one is doing this out of the relationship without the permission of the other then it will be tagged as infidelity. Willingness of both the partners means that you can have a successful swinging lifestyle. SO if you want to enter this lifestyle, then you should talk to your partner and accept it mutually.   

 Making the decision

 The thumb rule of swinging is that couples look at it as a way of improving their sexual relationship rather than replacing a failed one. Swinging is a social activity which both the partners can enjoy and to experience it together. Couples should have a minimum history together for them to take up swinging. The main social behaviours which are appreciated in swinging include responsibility, open mindedness, friendliness, flirtatiousness, and stability in the primary relationship. Partners should not get overwhelmed about swinging and start forgetting to treat their partner with respect or sensitivity. Partners should understand the pros and the cons of a swinging lifestyle and analyze whether they are compatible with it or not. Make sure that you are committed to each other because it is not a way of leaving your partner and sleeping with other partners. Swinging should only be done to spice up your own relationship and to strengthening it rather than jeopardizing it. Consulting with experienced swingers will help you to understand more about swinging.


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