Swinging and STDs

Swinging and STDs share a bond between them. STDs are the Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The worst of the STDs is HIV and AIDS. HIV and AIDS have been provided much attention in the public. Another important aspect of it is that the attention has often exaggerated the dangers of having multiple partners for sexual intercourses and is specifically overstated for the swinging lifestyle. Most people think that swinging lifestyle is one of the major reasons of the uncontrolled spread of HIV and AIDS. Hence, the community of swingers has challenged the claim very high risk of AIDS and HIV infection from unprotected sexual activities. However, this community also denies that swinging and STDs go hand in hand due to the sexual contact with multiple partners. There are hygiene concerns which should be taken care of or it is bound to spread germs.

 Even the swinging community accepts that swinging and STDs are very much connected but there are also strategies which help in avoiding any of these STDs. There are actually two types of diseases, curable and non-curable. The following are some of the STDs which may be transmitted through unprotected sexual activity:

 Curable Disease:

 o   Pubic Lice: Secondly known as ‘crabs’, its symptoms include fever, weakness and intense itching in the genital area.

 o   Chancroid: It is mostly mistaken for herpes. It is more common among men and appears as a small ulcer which then grows to become an open sore.

 o   Syphilis: It is most deadly if not treated, often develops to make neurological damage or even death. The symptom consists of contagious visible sores.

 o   Gonorrhea: Leads to infertility, heart diseases and arthritis. Symptoms include yellowish green or puss like discharges.

 Non – Curable Diseases:

  • Herpes: It often doesn’t show any symptoms but you must do herpes check up if you have cold sores in the genital or oral areas. It can be transferred from oral to genital area and vice versa. It is incurable.
  • AIDS – HIV: AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. There is actually no cure for AIDS – HIV and even check up may not show anything a miss until around six weeks. This disease is very dangerous as it hinders the growth of your immune system.

 Thus Swinging and STDs may not stay away from each other unless protection is used or proper strategies to avoid these diseases are followed. The following are some of the strategies which can be used to keep you away from STDs while swinging:

  • Use same the room for the sexual activity and watch every potential partner which may prevent you from engaging into any activity with an infected person.
  • Use Latex shields when you are having oral sex.
  • Use substitutes like massages for oral or sexual intercourse with multiple partners.
  • Also, you must avoid having intercourse with multiple partners.
  • Have a limit for the number of partners per day.
  • Use male or female condoms during intercourse.
  • Check your partner for any sores. Do not indulge is any activity if your partner has open sores.



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