How Swinging Affect the Relationship

 Swinging is many times referred to as swinging lifestyle is a type of sexual activity which is treated as a social activity and is defined as the non-monogamous sexual activity which can be undertaken by couples. In recent decades, it has been seen as a part of a revolution in sexual activity which was all the more enhanced by the increase in the sexual activities carried out by couples by the initiation of safe sex practices. Initially, the activity of swing was called as ‘wife swapping’ but was very much criticized as it was seen as a male point of view and does not describe the full range of sexual activities that can be undertaken in which swingers may take part.

 Effects of Swinging on Relationships: You may not have any clue about your partner’s prowess and even the secrets of satisfaction as well as arousal before beginning swinging sessions. The experience which you may get whilst watching your partner indulge in any kind of sexual activity may introduce an added and bright force of intimacy and romance in your own relationship with your partner. The effects of swinging on the relationship with your partner will be based on the pleasure and the experience as a result of the sexual activity carried out in swinging sessions. But there is also a plus point as these sessions would inculcate an added level of trust and affection for your partner in you. Swinging ultimately is used for the pleasure of all the parties involved in the sessions. Incase you feel that your partner during the intercourse is not enjoying the activity, the best thing to do is to stop immediately. You may then communicate with your partner and try to understand what’s bothering your partner.

 But, don’t be mistaken. Swinging lifestyle calls for trust between you and your partner and also the communication that you have had prior to going for this type of a lifestyle. Also, you and your partner must completely understand that this activity is just a means of deriving pleasure by engaging into sexual activity with another consenting adult. It is like a temporary memory and must not be pondered upon which will create stress in your relationship. A swinging session is never a substitution for the martial bond and there should be no carry home message after a particular session. Also, you should not pressurize your partner for embracing this type of a lifestyle. If you notice that your partner does not approve of this lifestyle or just doing it for your sake, then you should stop immediately as this is one part which may affect your relationship negatively.

 How Swinging affect your relationship is also dependant on your behavior with the partner you have during the activity. You must be very polite and understanding with your partner. At times you may even face refusal and rejection but you must not bother psychologically. You can also have the option of rejecting a partner during any session. This will determine how swinging affect the relationship.

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