Who are Swingers?

The simple definition of swinger is married couple who swap their partners by mutual consent for sexual and emotional satisfaction. A swinger will engage freely in acts of promiscuous sex with multiple partners. Swingers will exchange their married partners for sexual partners. Anyone can turn into a swinger irrespective of race or social class. Swingers will not have any value for their marriage vows or marriage and are seeking some excitement. This type of swinging practice is mainly found among the upper and middle class. The culture of swinging is slowly turning into a lifestyle and more and more people have started practicing it.  Swinging can be done with anybody including friends, acquaintances or complete strangers. This type of lifestyle will help couples to be more independent and have the freedom of sexual expression. Swinging is not like infidelity where one partner will have an extra marital relationship with a partner without the consent of the spouse. In swinging both partners will mutually agree to have relationship outside marriage.

 Approach to swinging

Swinging initially originated in the 1950s and was influenced by the US military organizations. The whole concept of swinging has come a long way and it has been accepted as a lifestyle. Initially people were very apprehensive about the whole concept of partner exchange but now people are becoming more open to this idea. Many arguments are made against swinging which s based on the practical considerations and moral and philosophical considerations. The concept of swinging takes a dig at the whole point of the holy act of marriage. Swinging is said to make a mockery out of marriage and people go bonkers and disrespect marriage. In the modern day swinging has become very open and a lot of organizations that support and organize swinging have come up. The humble beginnings of swinging in USA have spread into all parts of the world including Europe, Australia, and a few Asian countries like Japan.

Research on Swinging

Research conducted in USA came up with some interesting statistics. It says that nearly 60% of swingers said that swinging help in improving their relationships. Nearly 90% of couples having unsatisfactory relationships said that swinging helped in improving their relationships. It came out in the research that jealousy was not there in the process and they were completely comfortable with the idea. A few claimed that they were slightly jealous but were happy with the process of swinging. 

Swinging organizations: Many organizations came up to support swinging in the past decade. These organizations will help those people who are interested in swinging. The organizations will host number of programs which will help couples to find potential sexual partners. It is said that couples who are having a strong relationship are the ones who take up swinging. The reason being said that they want to spur the excitement and to motivate themselves in their relationship. Swinging is a completely personal choice and it is done with the mutual consent of the couples and anything outside this is not considered as swinging.


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